Basic First Aid

This course is designed to provide individuals with the confidence and skill to assist an injured or ill person at home or when out and about. This course doesn’t included CPR, but the Compressions only CPR training programme can be added to the course.

The course covers the following;

  •     looking after yourself and the casualty
  •     communicating with the casualty and the emergency services (when  required)
  •     assessing the casualty
  •     priorities of first aid and managing the scene
  •     treatment of minor bleeding and minor burns
  •     treatment of an unconscious casualty
  •     treatment of a choking casualty
  •     treatment of sprains and strains, seizures, fainting, bites and stings.

Course Duration
3 hours   (4 hours if the compression only CPR programme is added)

A certificate of attendance is provided on completion of the course.

Course fee
Please ring us on 0151 207 0081 for our latest course fee. Group discount is available on request.